Compact and maneuverable to travel further

ROVVER®'s (Remote Operated Video Vehicle enhanced receiver) modular design reconfigures easily to answer any combination of pipe size, material and condition. Steerability and a short wheelbase help it navigate past debris, offsets, and inverts. Three chassis sizes allow inspection of pipelines 4” to 60” diameter. A fully automatic cable reel reduces the pulling burden on the crawler (extending inspection range) and prevents cable tangles during backward crawl. Compact in size and drawing less current, ROVVER® systems are highly portable and require minimal operational overhead.

Built for extreme inspections, steerable ROVVER® pushes past debris, inverts and offsets to capture vivid inspection footage.

  • Freewheel clutch (ROVVER® 225) and optional BackEye camera facilitate reverse travel and cable management.
  • Elevator (ROVVER® 225) centers view in lines up to 1000mm (30”) dia.
  • Sensors monitor internal crawler (ROVVER®125/225) and head pressure.
  • Inclinometer measures and graphs pipe grade.
  • SONDE transmitter (512 Hz/33 kHz) facilitates location.
  • Aluminum and stainless steel construction tolerates 10 m (33 feet) submersion.
  • Lightweight design lowers with single person, no crane.
  • Camera pans 2 × 135º, tilts 2 × 175º.
  • Auto-focus color camera with available 40:1 zoom (10× optical, 4× digital) resolves fine detail.
  • Shadowless LEDs illuminate distant objects.
ROVVER® System

Designed for maximum productivity with a single operator, ROVVER® automates functions that would otherwise require additional personnel.

  • Smart tensioner automates cable feed and retraction, eliminating slack and stalling.
  • Wind shuttle coils cable uniformly.
  • Distance measurement displays on local readout, and can be titled onto video.
  • 200 m (656’) cable attaches to drum with connector for easy change-out.
  • Tip sensor, slip clutch and prominent E-stop button ensure maximum safety.
  • Semi-automatic mode addresses special requirements.

Designed for easy transport and quick setup, ROVVER® components like the portable controller condense industry-leading functionality into a highly portable form factor.

  • Integral 10” color monitor.
  • Multi-language text generator displays 45 characters per line, with 25 lines per page. Onboard memory stores 5 pages of text, plus 240 shortcut keys, each recalling a line of up to 39 characters. Integral keyboard (QWERTY or other international version) streamlines text entry.
  • Optional desktop controller with rackmount CCU is ideal for van fitment.
  • Entire system draws no more than 1000 W and accepts 115-230 Vac.
  • Power supply adjusts to accommodate cable of varying lengths.
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