Take off with ROVION® …

With its inspection system ROVION®, iPEK designed a scalable entry-level ­device to start into the pipeline inspection market. The size, profitability and functionality of this system offers everything that professional inspectors need for their working base. The ROVION® system excels through its power, robustness and agility. Additionally it is based on the future-minded and international long-time successful iPEK products and technologies. ROVION® stands in pole-position. Take off with extendable power.
The range of application for ROVION® begins from pipe diameters of 6” and is capable upto pipe diameters of 40” by using the optional mainline carriage ­accessory. Quite a unique feature by using just one crawler. A clear and wide view into every corner is possible by the camera and the bright lights. The multifunctional­ control panel VISIONCONTROL VC200, which is already used for the pan & tilt push camera system AGILIOS™, is expanded by a second joystick and very clever customized software. It represents therefore the interface between ROVION® and AGILIOS™ and raises extended possibilities.



  • permantent location 33 kHz / 512 Hz
  • observation with pitch and roll sensors
  • automatic elevator
  • customized software: VISIONREPORT
  • VC200 compatible with pan & tilt push camera system AGILIOS™

Diagnosis Tool for ROVION

Camera head with LED-lightring

Our ROVION® colour camera with autofocus, 120 x Zoom (10 x optical, 12 x digital) and shadowless LED-light provides for clear images. With our new light ring, dark corners look almost like in daylight. Due to a special metal strut design it offers best protection for our camera unit. Over 290° pan and endless rotation allow an exact and comprehensive view.

Scalable Growth

The ROVION® system offers by its wide range of use the perfect solution for all inspectors with a large field of activity and all this on a minimum of investment. Using the combination with the pan & tilt push camera system AGILIOS™ and auxiliary components of SUPERVISION® and ROVION® the system is ­universal and grows by its tasks.

Especially small companies will have the opportunity to carry out professional sewer inspections and even more they can extend their skills with the optional peripheral devices of ROVION®. Power On!


A lightweight cable can be used due to the PipeBus® technology. This advanced­ technique enables AGILIOS™, ROVION® and SUPERVISION®, to ­execute orders parallel.
Microprocessors in control panel, cable reel, crawler and camera communicate over the digital network enabling greater control. With a PC this data can be read.

VC200 – The Compatible Control Panel

The new VC200 control panel was developed based on the inspectors experiences of the VC100 (AGILIOS™ system). It will be the central control panel in the iPEK  product range and therefore our base for the future.

The VC200 control panel offers best views on a daylight presentable 800 x 600 touch screen with interactive options, a virtual keyboard and intuitive control ­elements, which are unrivalled.

Furthermore it offers functions in its interior, which are requirements in today's inspections. This includes MPEG4 video recordings as well as coloured text­generator. Preprogrammed makros (e. g. deviation of pipe collars and diverse camera positions) can be started automatically. This saves time and improves your inspection­. All inputs will be entered only through the VC200, making it the heart of your inspection. product range and therefore our base for the future.


To serve the task of processing data fast, iPEK developed their own customized software, VISIONREPORT, for running the VISIONCONTROL control ­panel. This is especially designed for the touch screen interface and enables an ­ituitive finger response without any additional gear. By using the integrated industry standard catalogues it is possible to record inspection data with predefined short cuts and descriptions allowing all collected data to be saved into one project file. Later on you can transfer this via USB or your local network to your workstation.
To create protocols of your inspection data iPEK provides you with the free ­VISIONREPORT viewer. Additionally you can import all projects into the well known software WINCAN V8 and use all of its funcionality.

To extend the features that are well proven with the AGILIOS™ system, iPEK upgraded VISIONREPORT with a crawler control and displays for surveillance. Important system values are therefore permanentely shown on screen. You will have everything in your inspection view that you need to know for safe inspections­.


DCX5000 & CCU I

operator panel custom-built vehicles & core control unit


  • Core control unit for custom-built vehicles  – optimally prepared for all inspection requirements
  • Multi-functional control panel with ergonomic design for fatigue-free working
  • Compact or customized arrangement of operating elements at your work place for utmost ease of use
  • Handy 3-axis-joysticks with push-function for precise control of all crawler and camera functions incl. zoom
  • All important control elements are arranged within the reach of your fingers to ensure a smooth inspection.
  • Touch-screen monitor for operating the system and for optimally monitoring the system status. In connection with the frame the monitor can be tilted and the operating elements can be arranged in a compact manner.
  • Linux-operating system for a high degree of data security and a fast system start
  • All current interfaces at the CCU I „on Board“
  • Compatible to components of the ROVION® inspection system (e.g. automatic and manual cable reels, crawlers and cameras)




Combinations and Peripheral Devices

Based on a flat system architecture, ROVION® offers all the possibilities of professional crawler inspections systems. The central device is our ­VISIONCONTROL control panel that additionally provides the interface with the AGILIOS™ system. The reporting software, VISIONREPORT, processes all inspection data and also offers the interface to WINCAN V8. The automatic cable reel is suitable for all vehicle fitouts and includes 300 m cable.

The manual cable reel with its handy and lightweight design is transportable and includes 200 m cable. Our rugged crawler RX130 with its additional mounted automatic elevator leaves no corner of your pipe uninspected while the camera records every detail with perfect image quality. The ROVION® system therefore is the entry-level inspection system with a solid investment through its scalability and extendability.

Optional Accessories

For your extended usage of the ROVION® system, iPEK offers a range of accessories. The full spectrum of pipeline inspection is available for you.

Ask our traders and partners for further information.

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