Corporate guidance and intention

Customer-oriented and functional design, long life and reliability are our benchmarks. Furthermore, we work with future-minded technologies and operate with a trend-setting service.

Our intention is a global position as one of the main leaders in inspection technology. We share our success with our customers, employees, supporters, families and partners.

The high quality standard of our products and services is the basis for supporting our existing dealers in achieving a continued growth and help new sales partners in establishing a solid foothold for the future. This way we will be able to expand our market shares and to communicate our strategy directly to our customers.


We stick to our promises and don’t promise anything we can´t keep.


Supporting our customers is a result of every action. Our working plans, products, services and partnerships are permanently controlled and improved to serve our customers' best.


Our products help to save our environment and make the world a slightly better place. Assuring this for all our customers in environmental technology, industry and infrastructure is our impetus and passion.


Together with the best qualified employees in this field we reach our common goal at iPEK. Knowledge, talent and the individuality of each employee are our impetus - and teamwork is the cornerstone for our success. We feel obliged to our employees, pay them according to their performances and share our success. Each employee has a healthy and save job.


Through our creativity we achieve the most possible. We are open-minded for new ideas, commit ourselves to innovations, take clear risks and seize every opportunity for a prosperous future.


We promise to follow our values for long-lasting success - for us, our partners, customers and families.