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iPEK at the 4th German day of sewer cleaning

XPECTION live demonstration at the trade show in Gelsenkirchen

The 4th German day of sewer cleaning was held in Gelsenkirchen on 6 and 7 July.

One of the main topics was the “demand-oriented cleaning of sewers“.

Tools for checking cleaning results are, e.g. electronic sewer mirrors and seeing cleaning nozzles.

Therefore, iPEK attended this show with the seeing nozzle XPECTION – an innovative sewer cleaning system – and could present the system during practical demonstrations on the outside exhibition area.

Approximately 70 representatives of German municipalities and industry experts attended the live demonstration. For the live demonstration the XPECTION system, which provides a live video image during the cleaning process, was operated in a DN500 pipe with a water level of 10-15 %.

The 4th German day of sewer cleaning was a major success for iPEK.

We would like to thank the audience for their interest and all the conversations.

If you are interested in a live demonstration on site, please contact Judith Friedrich: jfriedrich(at)idexcorp.com

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