The RASCon connection box is used to connect the AGILIOS system to a ROVION or a SUPERVISION system. The display of the AGILIOS meter counter is automatically transferred to the connected system. This way it is for example possible to evaluate inspection data inside the camera van equipped with ROVION components while an additional monitor enables the person operating the push rod system to also keep track of the inspection.

  • RASCon Box

  • RASCon Box

  • RASCon Monitor


Connection box pan & tilt push camera system

For connecting the AGILIOS system to a ROVION or a SUPERVISON system.

  • Automatic transfer of the AGILIOS meter counter to the ROVION system or the SUPERVISON system
  • External color monitor for displaying the live inspection video
  • Tripod for external monitor
  • Vizor for external monitor
RASCon Box