iPEK inspection systems for specialized applications

iPEK inspection systems are suitable for all kinds of inspections and applications in the industrial sector.

The scope of application of iPEK INDUSTRIAL comprises system configurations of crawler and push camera inspections systems. They meet special requirements of the inspection market and are tailor-made to specific fields of application.

Whether you execute inspections of wind rotor blades or whether your main field of inspection is the oil & gas market, iPEK offers SETs for each job.

ROVION Set Industrial

The compact compilation for inspections in smaller rooms

The ROVION Set Industrial has a range of 100 m and is suitable for inspections in places with limited space or with difficult access.



Content of the set

  • VisionControl 500
  • Cable Reel RMX100 manual
  • SV Camera Cable orange 100 m
  • Flexible cable guide pulley
  • Crawler ROVION RX95
  • Axial Camera RAC50

START industrial

ROVION Set Windpower Small

Set for efficient quality control of rotor blade manufacturing

The ROVION set Windpower Small has an automatic cable reel (length 300 m) for a time-saving and efficient inspection.

Content of the set

  • VisionControl 500
  • Motorized Cable Reel RAX300
  • Crawler ROVION RX95
  • PTP II 70 pan & tilt push camera
  • Camera Connector RCC70
  • Wheel D64x25 d6
  • Wheel D86x20 d6
  • Cable orange 100m

Windpower Small

ROVION Set Windpower OnSite

Set for an economical service inspection

The ROVION set Windpower OnSite has a compact and mobile manual cable reel (length 100 m) and is perfectly suitable for an economic service inspection on site.



Content of the set

  • VisionControl 500
  • Cable Reel RMX100 manual
  • Crawler ROVION RX130
  • Pan & Tilt Camera Zoom RCX90
  • Wheel D86x20 d12
  • SV Camera Cable orange 200 m

Windpower OnSite