A success story made in Kleinwalsertal

1988 - First b/w camera

25 years ago, engineer Peter Kessler built his first own black and white camera in a basement in Sonthofen, Germany. He founded the company iPEK Kessler GmbH thus setting the basis for iPEK’s success story. In 1990, Peter Kessler founded iPEK Spezial-TV GmbH & Co. KG in Riezlern (Kleinwalsertal, Austria) paving the way for iPEK to become one of the leading pipeline inspection camera suppliers worldwide. The nineties were marked by the development and construction of the first color camera systems.

2001 - SUPERVISION launch

By the turn of the millennium, the company employed about 50 people. In 2001,
iPEK launched its brand-new SUPERVISION inspection system, which was very well received. Simultaneously, the DIGISEWER fisheye camera was developed and introduced into the market. These two products greatly contributed to consolidating iPEK’s position as a pioneer in the field of pipeline inspection systems. In the following years, iPEK further enhanced its product range by developing the borehole camera and the pan & tilt head camera SK 80.

2007 - New building in Sulzberg

In 2007, iPEK hit the limits of available space at the production facilities in Kleinwalsertal. To make room for the now more than 100 employees, the company expanded by opening a new company building in the commercial area of Sulzberg near Kempten, Germany. Manufacturing facilities and a service center have been built in the following years.

2008 - iPEK joins IDEX

As the global demand for iPEK’s inspection systems has been constantly increasing,
going ahead in the direction of an international corporation became inevitable. At the end of 2008, iPEK joined the American corporation IDEX. From then on, an international network of employees helped to further expand iPEK’s leading position in the global pipeline inspection market.

2013 - 25 years of success

In 2013, iPEK is a globally active company with a well-established product portfolio. The most recent development towards a system able to meet any pipeline inspection requirements due to its flexible and modular structure makes us confident that iPEK is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.

2014 - Introduction of ROVION EX and AGILIOS EX

To guarantee maximum safety when working in explosion-protected zones iPEK introduced the ROVION EX and AGILIOS EX pipeline inspection systems.

2015 - New product division: inspection vehicles

With the fully equipped, ready-to-use inspection vehicles iPEK takes the next ligical step towards fulfilling the customer's needs at best. Based on two different vehicle classes two general concepts with diversified configuration options for different needs and fields of application are available.

2016 - XPECTION launch

In 2016 iPEK launched the new XPECTION sewer cleaning system. The live video picture guarantees a continuous monitoring of the cleaning process. The system enables a demand-oriented cleaning process and thus saves time, money and resources.