XPECTION Seeing sewer cleaning nozzle

Efficient and economic sewer cleaning system

Due to the video picture the XPECTION system allows municipalities, companies and sewer network operators a continuous monitoring of the cleaning prozess.

With the XPECTION you can be sure of the cleaning result and you can check the condition of the pipe. Save time, money and resources – inspect only what needs to be inspected – save yourself expensive further cleanings during the TV inspection.

The XPECTION is modular and wireless – so it can be installed on any cleaning truck without any set-up costs. The biggest difference for customers is wether a live image is available or only a video download from the manhole is possible. At any time, it is possible to adapt the configuration to your needs.

Product components

Learn all the technical details of the various XPECTION components here.

Product components

Product configurations

There are several possibilities for the XPECTION product components which should be put together useful. Learn more about it here

Live- & Download- Configuration