XPECTION Product configurations

Whether you want live video during the cleaning process, or it is sufficient for you to download the video from the manhole before finishing the job Xpection offers flexible and modular configurations.



  • Duebre 150

  • Duebre 200

  • Sohlenreiniger USB400

  • Sohlenreiniger USB300

  • Fielbook


Video download from the manhole

The XPECTION download configuration offers the perfect start into demand-oriented sewer cleaning. The camera integrated into a nozzle is lowered into the manhole. During the cleaning process, a video is recorded . After the cleaning process, when the nozzle is still in the manhole, the cleaner can decide if a further cleaning operation is necessary.

  • Video-download

  • Can be used in combination with different nozzle types

  • Control of the cleaning result directly after the cleaning

  • Wireless data transmission 

  • Independent from the truck

  • From DN 200 (8 inch)



Always live during the cleaning process

With the XPECTION live configuration, the cleaner has live video during the whole cleaning process. Debris and depositions are detected in real time and dealt with punctually. It is even possible to inspect the condition of the pipe during the cleaning, so that gross damages, clogging, roots and so on, can be detected and remedied early. A distance counter is offered as accessory.

  • Live-video + download

  • Can be used in combination with different nozzle types

  • Wireless data transmission

  • Independent from the truck

  • Meter counter optional

  • User-friendly software with many features

  • Dirt can be cleaned punctually