Convince yourself of:

• 100% electric drive

• only driving license class B required

• not affected by diesel driving ban

• 250 km range*

• 360 Nm torque

• silent operation

• saves costs through minimal maintenance and ten years of tax exemption

• government funding and the possibility to receive bonuses

* with appropriate/normal driving style

Our new CCTV E-Van is electrifying

Nowadays, electric mobility has become indispensable which is why today we already think about tomorrow. Thus, we developed the first electric CCTV van for the sewer industry on the basis of a conventional diesel inspection vehicle.

With a range of at least 250 km* a work day in the municipal sector can be easily mastered. The top speed of 120 km/h and a torque of 360 Nm ensure agile driving. Despite the maximum permitted total weight of up to 4.25 tons our CCTV E-Van can be operated with driving license class B in accordance with the FeV2010AusnV4.

Due to the total weight of 4.25 tons, you are able to use all inspection configurations with crawler systems incl. Satellite inspection system from 300 m to 500 m. You will still be completely flexible, and you can also react to quick changes. By purchasing a CCTV E-Van you can save annoying maintenance work and expensive repairs such as oil change, emission test, changes of fuel filters, toothed belts and exhaust systems – and thus also reduce the loss of your valuable working time.

We are proud to set the next step into the future through continuous development and offer you a CCTV E-Van as one of the first providers. Pay some attention to the environment and do this step into the future with us.

* with appropriate/normal driving style

Inspection Configurations

Due to the maximum permitted total weight of 4.25 tons, you are able to use every option of the inspection configurations. For example:

• ROVION crawler system

• RAXSAT150 satellite system or RAXSAT300

• AGILIOS push camera system

For further information, also regarding the van fitting basic concepts, please click here.

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