• Flexible packers: for pipe diameters from DN150 to DN1200 (6 - 47 inch) and in lengths of up to 3m (118.1 inch)
  • Lateral packers 2.5 bar (36.25 psi): for pipes from DN70 to DN200 (2.8 - 8 inch) and lengths up 3m (118.1 inch)
  • Pipe sealing bags: the contact pressure on the pipe wall is freely adjustable from 0.5 to 2.5 bar (7.25 - 36.25 psi)
  • Test sealing bags: three functions in one bag - they seal, facilitate testing with water or air and can be bypassed or diverted


Vetter flexible packers are the really flexible solution for drain reconstruction. Its design allows you to easily guide the packer through a manhole and install it in the damaged pipe. This is ensured, among other things, by the spherical chassis with a light spring effect.

So problem-free gliding even over offsets is no problem. The wheels are set at a 120° angle. This makes it easy to control the packer. In addition, you can adjust the chassis individually to any pipe diameter.

Flexible packers from Vetter are made of a rubber jacket that is vulcanised onto metal heads. The interior tube lets the water flow off during the renovation work and the open safety coupling with safety pin prevents unintentional disconnection.

Vetter flexible packers are available in four sizes for pipe diameters from 150 to 1200 mm (6–47 inch) and in lengths of up to 3 m (118.1 inch).


Vetter lateral packers are the optimal solution for the rehabilitation of pipes with smaller diameters, as they are often used for building connections. The flexible construction facilitates good sliding qualities, bend flexibility and handling which reduces your working hours. The open safety coupling with a lock pin prevents unwanted decoupling. In addition, the entire packer has a very robust design.

The lateral packers are available in three sizes from 70 to 200 mm (2.8–8 inch) and lengths up 3 m (118.1 inch).


Vetter pipe sealing bags close drainage channels quickly and safely. A special feature: The user can freely adjust the contact pressure on the pipe wall from 0.5 to 2.5 bar (7.25–36.25 psi). Areas of application include repair, inspection, cleaning and maintenance of sewer pipes. But the bags also efficiently and reliably prevent the backflow of wastewater in the event of pipe bursts or floods. With these versatile applications, professionals in many industries trust pipe sealing bags from Vetter. These include, for example, road construction and civil engineering companies, sewer renovation companies, water associations and the manufacturing industry.

By the way: Vetter pipe sealing bags are perfect for leaktightness testing according to DIN EN 1610.


The extremely robust Vetter test sealing bags combine three functions in one bag: They seal, facilitate testing with water or air and can be bypassed or diverted. The inner hoses also make the bags more flexible than comparable bags with inner tubes. These properties enable you to adapt the test bags flexibly to the most varied pipe materials. Small unevenness is also compensated by the bags.

The areas of application include:

  • Diversion of waste water from leaking sewers
  • Damming and metered drainage of liquids
  • Tightness tests according to DIN EN 1610 with air or water
  • Control of pipeline sections

The test bags are equipped with one or more filling coupling(s) and retaining lugs, depending on the type of bag. The connections with male threads allow a free choice of accessories. The size of the connections depends on the type of bag.