Inspect in all situations, whether laterals, construction sites or industrial areas.

Application range in sewers from DN50 to DN300

Inspect ergonomically in all situations

  • Lightweight, handy and robust
  • Work anywhere thanks to 6h battery life
  • Service-friendly: reel and E-box can be replaced individually
  • Many variants, e.g.: 60 - 100m push rod

Mobile and uncomplicated operation with the VC500

  • Suitable for daylight and construction sites (protection class IP55)
  • Easy data exchange (USB, W-LAN & LAN)
  • Documentation according to common standards (ATV, DWA, Isybau etc.)
  • Modular expandable software suitable for your inspection jobs
  • Touch operation even with working gloves

High bend mobility of 90° from DN75 with our pan & tilt camera PTP50

  • Application range from DN60
  • Wide field of vision, 100° Angle
  • Rugged Design inter alia stainless steel front for more protection
  • with stainless steel front against wear

Camera heads for every challenge

Always have an upright camera picture in the sewer

  • Range of application: Ø DN50 - DN200
  • Easy to service (modular and easy design)
  • New developed Roller-Skid Concept, change your skids under 30 Seconds
  • Strong, homogeneous illumination through focused LED illumination
  • Extremely robust design
  • Easy location through a strong multi-frequency locating spoil

Illuminate your laterals optimally, rotate and swivel endlessly.

  • Range of application: Ø DN60 - DN300
  • Resolution (horizontal): 530 TVL/PAL
  • Rotation range: endless
  • Dimensions (ØxL): 49 x 280 mm (incl. spring connector)
  • Integrated laser for crack and diameter measurement
  • Integrated location transmitter (512 Hz, 640 Hz and 33 kHz)
  • Panning range from -90° to +122°

Robust design for daily use.

  • Range of application: Ø DN90 - DN300
  • Replaceable laser for damage measurement
  • intelligent focus 0cm to infinity
  • Strong homogeneous illumination due to LED lighting

Inspect in all positions with lightweight coiler and mobile control panel or tablet

Inspect laterals easily and without problems, thanks to the ultra-light coiler and long battery life.

  • Range of application: Ø DN50 - DN300
  • Many variants, e.g.: 60 - 100m sliding hall
  • Work anywhere thanks to 6 h battery life
  • No more lugging with the extra trolley

Mobile control unit for simple or catalogued inspections with your push rod system.

  • Display: Touch display 10,1"/257mm
  • Ergonomic work due to automatic rotation of the display
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Memory: 128 GB internal memory
  • Weight: 1,8kg

Quick and easy inspection with tablet

Thanks to the Wifi interface, after installing the VisionReport app you can pair your available Android tablet with the AGILIOS and carry out simple inspections.

Learn more about AGILIOS and AGILIOS HD

the push rod system with which you can master your sewer inspection modularly and in any position. Now also in Full-HD!

Download the complete brochure and the AGILIOS HD brochure here!

Worldwide iPEK Partner


From the Alps to the world, our 50 international partners are never too far from you.
Sewer inspection technology requires local support, that’s why we are always available for free demonstrations, technical and commercial enquiries.  


Safe sewer inspection in the ATEX-Zone

Maximum safety is the most important thing when inspecting explosive areas. With the mobile push rod system AGILIOS XR you are safe on the road in ATEX Zone 1 (gas). Thanks to the individually pressure-encapsulated system components, short set-up times and easy service are always guaranteed.


Robust pan and tilt camera PTP70II

The very robust and reliable PTP70 II camera is very well suited for lined pipes up to DN300.

You also inspect reliably with our AGILIOS push rod system as well as with the ROVION crawler system.


Stay flexible and modular

Due to the modular construction of the AGILIOS push rod system, you are always flexible and master your sewer inspection without any problems


Flush and inspect laterals in one step

Whether for the AGLIOS XR60 or XR100, simply attach the clamping nozzle to the PTP50 pan and tilt camera or the AC40 axial camera and you're ready to go.

  • Application range in the sewer up to DN300
  • Changeable nozzle inserts



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