The new generation of our SAT inspection system was developed under the aspects of more effi cient inspections and less downtimes. Thus, "Made to achieve more". Ever since our ROVION crawlers have been convincing with their special agility, thus, we redeveloped from scratch out our SAT crawler RX140SAT II and equipped it with powerful motors and 8-wheel-drive. Of course, the crawler is steerable so that obstacles in the main sewer (application range DN150 to DN2000) don’t slow down the inspection in lateral launches. We developed an innovative winding concept (SLC = Single Layer Concept) for our SAT cable reel (RAXSAT300) so that the RX140SAT II can drive from lateral to lateral in main sewers with up to 30m / minute. The push rod – friendly feeder located at the crawler and the cable reel guarantee safe pushing in pipes from DN50 even for long distances in the main sewer.




RX140SAT II Crawler

SAT-crawler DN150 - DN2000

The RX140SAT II is a satellite crawler with feed unit for a push rod designed for the inspection of pipe branches.

  • steerable 8-wheel drive
  • integrated 130° observation camera (incl. digital zoom)
  • Stable standing of the crawler during the inspection of laterals thanks
    to low center of gravity
  • bust crawler made of stainless steel (IP68 up to 10m water depth
  • Compatible with RAXSAT300 SAT reel and the RAX300 cable reel

from DN150 to DN2000 within one minute


RAXSAT300 Cable Drum

To efficiently drive long distances up to 300m in main sewers and inspect
further 45 m, a perfect interplay of the SAT reel (RAXSAT300) and the cable
reel (e.g.: RAX300) is required. Our automatic winding concept (SLC) provides
for a synchronous winding behavior without any loops.

  • 300m (main sewer) and 45m (lateral launch)
  • Winding without any loops thanks to innovative winding concept SLC
  • Revolutionary belt feeder
  • Integrated push rod feeder in crawler and cable reel provides more power when pushing
  • Quick set-up through simple positioning of the push rod in the push rod feeder