Application areas for our systems

iPEK offers suitable products and solutions for every application area and for all kinds of requirements in the inspection market. Newcomers starting a business in the inspection market will find suitable sets in the iPEK START area; the iPEK MOBILE product line comprises full-fledged mobile crawler systems for pipeline inspection, while iPEK TRUCK offers different versions of the ROVION system for vehicle installation. Even for use in hazardous environments with potentially explosive atmospheres you are optimally equipped with the iPEK ROVION EX and AGILIOS EX system.

Whether required for use in one-man businesses, pipeline inspection companies or communities and municipalities - everybody will find the ideal solution to suit any specific requirement!

Easy start

Start with our basic system as a flexible starter solution for small inspection companies or plumbers and add further components as required. With iPEK START you lay the foundation for solid growth to become a sewer inspection company.

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inspection systems to go

The iPEK MOBILE area offers applications for those who work on a mobile and simple basis with a fully sophisticated inspection system. We offer suitable crawlers and a cable reel with 300 m of cable as a mobile unit.

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Ready for all tasks

The ROVION pipeline inspection system offers all units and components required for modern vehicle customization - everything that large inspection companies or municipalities need. iPEK TRUCK - All aboard!

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