Maximum flexibility and efficiency for reliable inspections of laterals

Due to its sophisticated design the iPEK lateral launch system allows the inspection of laterals. Two coilers are integrated in the SAT cable reel housing, an extremely robust camera cable and a kink-resistant push rod.

The SAT crawler is equipped with a powerful feed unit in which push rod and camera head can easily be inserted.

Configuration ROVION SAT

RX140SAT Crawler

SAT-crawler Ø 150 mm - 600 mm

The RX140SAT is a satellite crawler with feed unit for a push rod designed for the inspection of pipe branches.

  • Powerful six-wheel drive (steerable) 
  • Powerful feed unit for the push rod
  • Snap-in system for easy mounting of the push rod
  • Integrated rear view camera
  • Optional auxiliary light
  • Compatible with the SAT cable reel RXSAT150 and the cable reels RAX500 and RAX300
RX140 SAT Crawler


RAXSAT150 SAT Cable Reel

SAT cable reel up to Ø 150 mm - 600 mm

The ROVION pipeline inspection system is equipped with an automatic cable reel, with an extremely robust camera cable of 150 m length and a 30 m anti-kink push rod. In combination with the satellite crawler RX140SAT this cable reel enables the inspection of pipe branches.

  • 150 m extremely robust camera cable +30 m anti-kink push rod
  • Meter counter
  • Winding support
SAT Cable Reel