Large range with high-precision focus for low budgets

The Quickview zoom inspection camera system enables a quick look into pipelines, manholes or tanks. A zoom camera mounted to a carbon fiber telescope provides shadow-free illumination and sharp pictures with its revolutionary Haloptic technology. A vest-mounted control box including rechargeable battery suitable for single-user operation leaves one hand free to position the telescope. The inspection process is displayed on the viewer/recorder which is attached to the telescope.

  • QuickView Main

  • QuickView Haloptic

  • QuickView Controller

QuickView airHD

Sewer assessment that unleashes your insight

A complete sewer assessment is essential to prioritizing CCTV and maintenance activities, planning cleaning and rehab work, and meeting regulatory obligations. The Quickview airHD makes it easier, faster and more affordable to assess sewer condition with the help of features like a wireless operation, touchscreen controls, a HD video, a motorized tilt, hands-free stability and remote centering.

  • QuickView airHD

  • QuickView airHD

  • QuickView airHD Tablet


Sewerlink App

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