Laser ShapeScanner Ø 150 mm - 600 mm

When inspecting manholes and pipeline systems the Laser ShapeScanner LSS serves as accessory for pipeline inspection systems allowing the exact determination of the diameter and the detection of deformations. This ring is recorded by the camera. In a circular pipe the device projects a ring of laser light onto the internal pipe wall allowing a cross section profile and a deformation measurement to be established by means of a suitable software (e.g. the WINCAN Ring-Laser Scanner Software-Module).

  • Scope of application ranging from DN150 to DN600 (depending on pipe material) by combining rods of different lengths
  • Laser can be focused
  • Camera adapter with joint to easily lower the inspection system with the mounted Laser ShapeScanner LSS into the manhole
  • The magnetic joint lock enables a 360° rotation of the camera with mounted Laser ShapeScanner LSS
  • Impact protector at the laser unit
  • Calibration device for evaluation software
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Measurement accuracy WRc approved
  • Compatible with the RCX90 camera head of the ROVION pipeline inspection system
  • Compatible with the RC90 camera head of the ROVVER pipeline inspection system
  • Compatible with the SVC100 camera head of the SUPERVISION pipeline inspection system