Quick Change Design

The components of the scalable and user-friendly ROVION pipe inspection system can be combined modularly and individually to a system according to your personal inspection needs. With the iPEK Quick Change Design (QCD) most system components can be easily connected to each other and put together to a whole system; partially, without the use of any additional tools or only in a few easy steps. The QCD and each of the pressure tight encapsulated system components guarantee an uncomplicated connection of the system, a short set-up time and a user-friendly service.
Therefore, you save time and money through an efficient inspection with the ROVION system.

The QCD components:

ROVION cameras:
All camera heads can be changed in no time with by using the iPEK special tool.

ROVION crawlers:
The connection and the replacement of camera heads, power cables, wheels or other components is done in no time – all toolless or with only having to open up to a maximum of 2 screw connections.

QCD wheels:
With the patented QCD adapter a toolless wheel change can be performed within seconds. The wheels are available in 3 materials and various wheel sizes.



  • RX130 with QCD

  • RX130 with QCD