Inspection vehicles


With the fully equipped, ready-to-use inspection vehicles iPEK takes the next logical step towards fulfilling the customers' needs at best. Based on two different vehicle classes two general concepts with multiple configuration options for different needs and fields of application are available.

Full flexibility for the customer

The compatibility between the inspection systems AGILIOS and ROVION inspection systems as well as the different components within the modular ROVION system make the iPEK inspection vehicles a convenient all-in-one solution with full flexibility for the customer. Besides the iPEK systems the elaborate and extendable vehicle fit-out concepts also allow a quick reaction to changing framework conditions in the business segment.
All iPEK inspection vehicles impress with a peerless price-performance ratio and can be operated with a normal car driver's licencse.

inspection vehicles VW T6 & Mercedes Sprinter

The general fit-out concepts



The lengthwise fit-out concept offers two central advantages: On the one hand, direct communication with the inspector at the duct and, on the other hand, a high security level. Instead of having to exit the side door into the traffic space, the inspector can walk through to the rear and exit right at the manhole.

The fit-out concept also enables a direct view to the rear section of the car from the operator room. Rear section and operator room can be separated by a transparent sliding door providing an acoustic shielding, for example from traffic noise, but still leaving an open view to the rear section.
Although the operator room is a bit smaller than with the crosswise concept, the seats of the driver's cabin can be turned so that a conference situation is created. The size of the vehicle in this category additionally allows an automatic device for lifting and lowering the crawlers.


In the crosswise fit-out concept the operator room is separated from the rear section. This concept provides a comparably spacious operator room with an ergonomic optimized desk. Especially in noisy work situations this concept allows concentrated operation.

The compact dimensions particularly qualify this solution for the application in urban areas with a high traffic volume. The relatively compact components and omitting an automatic lifting device make this concept a budget-friendly option.

lenghthwise fit out concept
cross wise fit out concept

User-friendly all-in-one solutions

All advantages at a glance:

  • vehicle, fit out and inspection systems from one source

  • vehicle concepts perfectly designed for iPEK inspection systems

  • various vehicle and fit out options for different fields of application

  • maximum flexibility based on approved iPEK compatibility

  • optimal price-performance ratio


Mercedes Sprinter