Radeton s.r.o.

We are a family business, founded 30 years ago. We focus on engineering network management products, including the field of sewerage. Sewerage is a very promising field for us. In this area, we always offer products of premium quality. Thanks to the long-term and close cooperation with our customers, we have a stable position on the Czech market.


Radeton was established in the Czech Republic and has become a well-known and stable brand in the Czech market. Over time, it also expanded into the Slovak and Polish markets, where new branches were established.

Plynovody a kanalizace

Tel: +420 776 887 889
E-Mail: ulbrich@radeton.cz


Tel: +420 773 779 133
E-Mail: juran@radeton.cz

Product portfolio

The company's portfolio consists of four main fields: sewerage, gas, water and electrical cables. We supply products to professionals but also to small businesses. We are looking for tailor-made solutions, among hundreds of our products.


Insight behind the door of Radeton s.r.o.


Radeton s.r.o.

Edisonova 7
61200 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel.: +420 543 257 777
Mail: info@radeton.cz
Homepage: www.radeton.cz