USER REPORT: Abfluss As Berlin

Pipe and drain cleaning without camera control is like gambling. The pipes can be clean or dirty. In order to find this out, after conventional cleaning, visual inspections must be carried out using pipe and sewer cameras and, if necessary, the pipes must be re-cleaned several times. To save this unnecessary effort, time and costs and to be able to evaluate and finish the sewer pipe cleaning immediately after use, the new seeing HD nozzle XPECTION LITE from iPEK supports. The XPECTION LITE is the optimal tool for pipe dimensions from DN200 to DN1000 when it comes to efficient workflows in pipe cleaning.

Starting position

Abfluss-AS Berlin has used the XPECTION LITE for regular service work at various supermarket discounters in the parking area, where it was important to carry out pipe cleaning and inspections quickly and without major traffic obstructions. The respective clients were satisfied with a simple pipe inspection report on the condition of the pipe cleaning, which was generated by the XPECTION LITE and transmitted as a meaningful HD video via WLAN.

Abfluss-AS Berlin has been the Berlin headquarters of the Abfluss-AS Alliance since 1968 and offers the highest level of competence in pipe and sewer cleaning. The field of activity ranges from the smallest pipe blockages to large profile cleanings and inspections. The engineers and fitters are specially trained to meet the most diverse customer requirements. Pipe cleaning is carried out with the latest electromechanical pipe cleaning machines. Depending on the requirements, high-pressure flushing is also used in the areas of hydrodynamic blockage removal and basic cleaning of pipes in the dimensional range of DN100 to DN500. The most effective devices such as rotary nozzles, roots and milling cutters are used. For the area of pipes up to DN300 they also use camera systems which are available at any time with the service vehicle.

Pipe cleaning and inspection with the XPECTION LITE

Managing Director Michael Dressel of Abfluss-AS Berlin and his division managers of the pipe cleaning team have been able to convince themselves of it’s advantages in recent months by using the seeing HD nozzle. They were able to record several savings in fuel costs, as well as water requirements for the high-pressure flushing system and of course also a great deal of time savings in the entire pipe sewer cleaning and the simultaneous pipe inspections. No additional push camera or crawler was needed to produce a meaningful video and image material of the pipe cleaning work for invoicing the client.

The charged camera was mounted on the nozzle slide DN200 simply by a snap-lock mechanism. The nozzle slide was mounted on the 100m R1/2” rubber sewer cleaning hose and the rinsing process with the XPECTION LITE HD nozzle was realized with a performance of 75 liters/minute and 150 bars. The nozzle slide is equipped with 6 ceramic nozzle jet inserts and has a powerful jet pattern to ensure effective cleaning of the pipe system. The free software SEWERLINK, which can be downloaded as APP from the iPEK website for free (I-pad/ Android/Windows), allows a data inscription of the camera recording: inspector/street/manhole/sewer line etc.

After the recording started the XPECTION LITE is flushed into the pipe like a normal nozzle and is operated in the same way as a conventional pipe cleaning. After the nozzle has returned to the manhole, the camera recording must be stopped and the stored HD video can be downloaded to the tablet or smartphone. This allows the operator to see the cleaning success for himself immediately. Photos can also be created and saved from the HD video afterwards. After three minutes, Abfluss-AS was able to send the inspection reports on the condition of the pipe cleaning directly from the site of operation to the responsible client via Wi-Fi. "I and my clients were totally enthusiastic about the rational processing of the pipe cleaning and the inspection reports," added Michael Dressel at the end of the jetting process.