From house connections to main sewer inspections - all systems in just one cctv vehicle

Application range in sewers from DN50 to DN2000

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An inspection vehicle for every assignment

  • from DN50 house connections to (standard-compliant) DN2000 main sewer inspections with the compatible ROVION crawler system
  • Overcome obstacles thanks to a robust and powerful inspection system
  • All-in-one solution even in an inspection vehicle up to 3.5 tons thanks to the lightweight construction of the inspection systems

Configure your CCTV vehicle individually

  • Configure your individually equipped inspection vehicle with us and do noz sacrifice any comfort - even in the vehicle interior.
  • From the mobile extension of a quad, to transverse and longitudinal installation in a box truck, to the extended inspection vehicle in a truck, expand your inspection fleet with an all-in-one solution.
  • Comfortable vehicle conversions for every price segment

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For comfortable and user-friendly work

  • Be safe on the construction site! Access the workplace through the walk-through in the inspection vehicle from the sewer.
  • Work fatigue-free. Create your own ergonomic workplace at the manhole.
  • More than an inspection vehicle. Achieve more work quality and employee satisfaction with special equipment, such as refrigerator, microwave and WC.
  • No truck driving licence necessary! Drive an all-in-one solution also with driving licence class B
Different expansion variants

Inspection vehicles converted by iPEK and partners with the most reliable inspection systems delight customers worldwide

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With strong partners

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Learn more about our sewer TV inspection systems

with which you can equipp your  CCTV inspection vehicle.

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Inspect off-road sewers in a mobile and flexible way

You are always on challenging construction sites in remote terrain and need a CCTV sewer inspection system that is as mobile as your operation for a quick look in the sewer? Simply pack our compact systems onto a small off-road vehicle, for example a quad bike.

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Big in the small

Narrow alleys, narrow construction sites and dense city traffic limit you in your CCTV checks and with your inspection fleet? Combine ROVION crawler and AGILIOS push rod camera systems for flexibility in inner-city applications in a van or minibus, e.g. a VW T5.

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For daily inspection challenges

You perform standard-compliant inspections of several hundred meters in the sewer every day and are looking for a flexible, compact inspection vehicle? Thanks to the low weight and compact dimensions of our ROVION inspection system, we offer complete inspection solutions in a 3.5 ton vehicle. Adapt the vehicle interior to your work processes and choose between longitudinal or transverse installation.

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Inspect all sewers and lines with only one CCTV inspection vehicle

Do you have the right inspection technology on board for the most diverse sewer sizes and types? Combine our modular ROVION inspection system and cover all applications from small DN50 connection pipes to DN2000 main sewers flexibly with just one inspection system.

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The CCTV vehicle for all-rounders

Are you looking for a combination option and want to jet, inspect and rehabilitate with just one vehicle? Pack our compact inspection systems into a box truck and complement them with your usual jetting and rehabilitation equipment.

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