S.L Robotics LTd.

S.L Robotics LTd.

The company founded its NDT division - S.L Robotics LTd. - in order to serve as the comprehensive "house" for all "No dig" (NDT) technologies and products for the field of water and sewage pipeline maintenance.
From its inception to nowadays, "S.L Robotics LTd." serves as an important part in the rapid developments that are occurring throughout Israel in the field of NDT or "no dig" sewer and water pipeline testing and repairs.



S.L Robotics LTd. from Israel acts as the official dealer for some of the leading manufacturers worldwide and takes pride in its long term and successful collaborations with some of the world's leading companies in this field, such as, for example, iPEK.


Sales Manager
One of the pioneers of No Dig Technologies in the country, with more than 15 years of experience, Meni is in charge of everything relating to product sales and customer relations.


Contact details: meni@smartlineR.co.il

Product portfolio

Today, with over 40 CCTV cameras, about 40 IPEK crawlers, a wide range of high-pressure machines and hundreds of repair packers and plugs in use throughout the country, it is easy to see why S.L Robotics LTd. Solutions are the leaders in the field of non- destructive technologies and products for water and sewage pipelines in Israel.


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S.L Robotics LTd.

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