On 18 October 2021, the Swiss sewer cleaning company Liaudet Pial Inc. from Worben in the canton of Bern was called to a touching mission. Blacky, the dog of a hunter, crawled into an old disused sewer pipe during a hunt and did not come back on his own, even when called by his owner. It was completely unclear how far he had run into the sewer and whether he would ever find his way out again.

The hunter then called Liaudet Pial Inc. for assistance, a company he knew. The fourth largest sewer company in Switzerland, which normally inspects sewers with camera systems on a daily basis, then cleans and/or rehabilitates them, was on the spot immediately.


Since the sewer was no longer active, there were no manholes through which it could be detected where the sewer led and where Blacky could have been. Except for the sewer access, in the large open field, there was no other access to be found. Because of this, an excavator, which was supposed to uncover the sewer to rescue the dog, was called in.

Due to the advancing time, it became darker and darker, the individual worksites had to be illuminated with spotlights, and the situation became more stressful for all rescue personnel. Despite this, the rescue operation continued, even though the hope of freeing the hunting dog became smaller and smaller.


With the help of the iPEK ROVION CCTV system, which was used by the company Liaudet Pial Inc., Blacky was discovered behind the entrance around 80 meters away. Thanks to the locating sensor integrated in the camera head, it was possible to locate Blacky's exact position with a locator, even in the large open field. Due to the light of the camera and the sounds of the excavator, the dog probably became curious and sensed the efforts to rescue him. Blacky slowly followed the camera light to the exit and the excavator work could be stopped.


After 3 hours of rescue, the overwhelmed owner was able to hold his beloved dog Blacky in his arms again, safe and sound.

The hunter was very grateful to all the rescue workers of Liaudet Pial Ltd. and its sewer CCTV technology and, above all, very happy that his dog was rescued in good health and well.