Sewer inspection trolley ROVION RX400

Complete solutions for sewer inspections

Application range in the sewer from DN150 to DN2000

cctv Van with sewer inspection system

Make your sewer inspections easier

  • Crawlers with clutch and gears to optimize transmission power and overcome obstacles with ease
  • Semi-automated inspection with preset functions and macros
  • Safe driving in the pipe with the Anti-Roll function of the crawler
  • Work without stress thanks to software aids such as Cruise control


Sewer camera crawler RX130 for the sewer application range DN300 to DN600

Reduce your daily setup times

Our unique and patented Quick-Change Design (QCD) ensures:

  • No tools needed to setup and exchange components
  • Minimized setup time before and in between inspections


Create more accurate CCTV inspection reports

ROVION - One system all possibilities

Build your own ROVION system. Here we give you an insight into our modular design:

Main Line Crawler inspection system up to DN2000

ROVION RX400 Sewer Camera crawler for Pipe Inspection

Inspect easily from DN400 to DN2000 thanks to the electric elevator with automatic pipe centering sensors.

  • Application range: Ø DN400 - DN2000
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 240x250x700mm without wheels
  • Drive: four-wheel drive
  • Locating frequencies: 512 Hz/640 Hz
ROVION control panel DCX5000 for sewer inspection and inspection from the CCTV vehicle

Work fatigue-free and steer the crawler safely thanks to our ergonomic console and intuitive dashboard.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 800x120x400mm
  • weight: 10kg
  • two 3-axis joysticks
  • Image dialogue monitor: 10,4"/264mm
ROVION RAX500 cable drum for sewer inspection up to 500 metres

Automatic cable drum with powerful motor for long distances, brake for vertical inspections and remote control for easy operation.

  • length 500m
  • Drive: motorized
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 520x674x680mm
  • weight: 111kg
ROVION Pan and Tilt Camera RCX90

Pan and tilt camera with integrated laser for easy inspection thanks to variable zoom and wide tilt range

  • Application range: Ø DN150 - DN2000
  • Resolution (horizontal): 530 TVL/PAL
  • Pivoting range: +/- 135
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 81x72x168mm
cctv van and sewer camera crawler ROVION RX130L with integrated lifter


Upgrade your sewer inspection van with the RX130L crawler and inspect changing pipe diameters from DN150 to DN500 more productively without changing wheels.

Sewer camera trolley RX400 during drainage process into the sewer

Learn more about ROVION

our main line sewer inspection system is modular, compact and comprises extensive accessories.

Download the complete brochure here!

iPEK Sewer TV vehicle for inspecting sewer networks

iPEK Van Fitting

Always have all inspection systems for main line inspections with you, even in a 3.5 ton sewer TV vehicle thanks to the light and compact design, and drive to the work site perfectly equipped.

Worldwide iPEK Partner

With strong partners

Find your reliable partner worldwide and benefit from more than 80 sales and service points


Quick Change Design, stands for tool-less setup

Combine your main line sewer inspection system quickly and easily

Benefit from our unique and patented Quick Change Design (QCD)

  • No tools needed to setup and exchange components
  • Minimized setup time before and in between inspections
ROVION sewer inspection system for explosive areas

Safe sewer inspection in the ATEX zone

Maximum safety is the most important thing when inspecting in explosive zones. With ROVION's vehicle systems you are safe on the road in ATEX zone 1 (Gas) and thanks to the individually pressure encapsulated system components, uncomplicated conversion, short set-up times and easy service are always guaranteed.


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