USER REPORT: Gelsenrohr Pluska Gelsenkirchen

The inquiries for further orders and inspections of larger pipe dimensions are increasing, a new business field could be developed, the team could handle the orders, only the own equipment park is too small - what now?

Mr. Christoph of Gelsenrohr Pluska from Gelsenkirchen knows this case very well. Since 2003 the company is active in the public service sector for private persons. With their 35-man company they offer a wide range of pipe-related work, from cleaning, rehabilitation, leak testing to TV inspection of pipes and lines in nominal widths up to DN500, with their own equipment park. The orders for larger pipes from DN500 on would be available, only not the necessary inspection technology, therefore Mr. Christoph uses the iPEK rental park. By upgrading their own inspection systems with the appropriate accessories of the iPEK rental park and by renting additional inspection technology, the company Gelsenrohr Pluska can extend the range of application to DN2000 and thus also handle new orders for DN500.

Furthermore, the company Gelsenrohr Pluska can offer a further business field and generate customer orders by renting a new product, the iPEK-ROVION SAT system. "The customer demand was there, only we lacked the necessary inspection technology. So I asked the iPEK rental park and they were able to provide me with the SAT crawler including automatic cable drum and all related components within 24 hours. We were instructed on a construction site, could test the system extensively and fulfilled the customer's request", Mr. Christoph told. The company Gelsenrohr Pluska was thus able to offer the inspection of house connection lines from the main sewer, the so-called supreme discipline of TV inspection, as a new business field thanks to the iPEK rental park.

"Due to the increase of orders we rent the iPEK inspection systems more and more often. The relevance of an acquisition for the new business field "house connections" also arises with increasing time, therefore we would like to buy such a system also perspectively and after extensive testing", Mr. Christoph added. "The current and proven iPEK technology can be rented. The rented systems are in an as good as new, tested condition. The service is great and we have always had good experiences with it. Therefore we can only recommend the iPEK rental park to everybody", says Mr. Christoph of the company Gelsenrohr Pluska.