ROVION sat inspection system for inspections of house connections and connecting pipes

Inspect laterals faster and further

Application range in pipes from DN150 to DN2000

ROVION satellite crawler RX140SAT II and SAT cable drum RAXSAT300

Inspect further

  • Up to 45 m in laterals from DN50 to DN300
  • Up to 300m main sewer from DN150 to DN2000
ROVION satellite crawler RX140SAT II for lateral pipes, house connections in sewers


  • Reach fast laterals with up to 30m/minute (50cm/second)
  • Inspect laterals with up to 7m/minute (12cm/second)
  • Overcome obstacles with the 8x8 all-wheel drive
ROVION Sat ll crawler RX140SAT II

better than ever before!

  • Convert the crawler from DN150 to DN2000 without tools in less than a minute
  • Minimize wear thanks to the new feeder unit (patent pending)
  • Benefit from the easy connector plug between the push rod and the camera cable (patent pending)

The optimal inspection tool for laterals!

Overcome obstacles quickly and easily! Convince yourself of the strength and traction of our new SAT-crawler! Simplify your daily hard work at the sewer with our inspection technology!

Lateral inspection system up to DN2000

ROVION Sat inspection system RX140SAT II

Inspect laterals and have everything in view forwards and backwards with the integrated observation and rear view camera.

  • Application range: Ø DN150 - DN2000
  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 133x122x824mm
  • Drive: all-wheel drive (8x8), steerable
  • Locating: 512 Hz/640 Hz/33 kHZ
ROVION control panel DCX5000

Work fatigue-free with the ergonomic design of the multifunctional control panel.

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 800x120x400mm
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Two 3-axis joysticks
  • Image dialogues monitor: 10,4"/264mm
ROVION SAT II cable drum RAXSAT300

Work more efficiently thanks to high speeds in the sewer thanks to our Single Layer Concept (SLC) for perfect payoff and winding while driving.

  • Length of camera cable: 300m, length of push rod: 45m
  • Drive: motorized
  • Dimensions (WxHxL): 368x760x925mm
  • Weight: 110kg
ROVION pan and tilt camera PTP50

Benefit from a homogeneous illumination. Master 90° bends from DN75 in laterals.

  • Application range: Ø DN60 - DN300
  • Resolution (horizontal): 500 TVL/PAL
  • Swivel range: from -90° to +122
  • Dimensions: 49x280 mm
iPEK Channel TV Inspection Vehicle with lateral Inspection crawler

iPEK Van Fitting

Inspect laterals easily with your customized sewer TV inspection vehicle and always have everything you need with you thanks to the compact design of our inspection systems, even on the basis of a 3.5 ton vehicle.

ROVION satellite system on the sewer

Learn more about ROVION SAT II

the lateral launch system from DN150 to DN2000.

Download the complete brochure here!


"It makes a great impression, I would work with it," these were Matthias Franz's words after he had seen the ROVION SAT II lateral inspection system for the first time live at the open door day in Karlsruhe, Germany. Thanks to his 13 years of professional experience as a sewer inspector, Matthias knows what really matters ...

Worldwide iPEK Partner

With strong partners

Find your reliable partner worldwide and benefit from more than 80 sales and service points

Flush in laterals with the lateral launch crawler

For use in sewers from DN200

  • Clean and inspect laterals in one step with the clamping nozzle for the PTP50 & AC40 camera heads, saving you time and money
  • Mount the flushing device quickly, easily and without tools on your RX140SAT II lateral launch crawler
  • Safe and easy positioning of the flushing device in the lateral by raking on the guide pipe
  • Long ranges in the lateral due to ball-bearing hose guide for minimum friction
ROVION SAT crawler RX140SAT II with integrated lifter

Keep the OVERVIEW in every situation

High water levels in the sewer can be a challenge when inspecting in large sewer mains – not with our elevator RED300.

  • See above 20cm depths
  • Mount the elevator easily and quickly with the tool-free quick release fasteners
ROVION SAT II crawler RX140SAT II with Egg profile adapter

One adapter for all cases in egg profile

From DN250x375 to DN800x1200

  • Do not get stuck in any lateral, overcome them with the new gliding system
  • Mount the egg profile adapter without tools
ROVION inspection systems in explosive areas

Easy inspection of laterals even in ATEX zones

With the lateral inspection system ROVION SAT II you are safe in ATEX zone 1 (Gas). Inspect laterals without any problems and with maximum safety even in explosive areas. Our ATEX-certified lateral inspection systems are also characterized by uncomplicated mounting and short set-up times without pressure loss.

ROVION system is equipped with quick release fasteners, Quick Change Design, for tool-less mounting

Mount up to the required pipe size quickly and easily

Benefit from the consistent and patented Quick Change Design (QCD).

  • Tool-less mounting
  • Use the easy handling of the fasteners and inspect more

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