Do you know our product portfolio ?

iPEK 's product portfolio comprises a large variety of products including a manhole zoom camera system, pan & tilt push camera systems and crawler systems for pipeline inspection for all kinds of requirements and manifold application areas. iPEK products are characterized by highest-level, state-of-the-art camera technology, ergonomic and user-friendly design, innovative capacity, high quality, robustness and reliability. From an entry-level solution for the pipeline inspection market up to comprehensive systems for vehicle installation: iPEK offers the suitable product for each purpose. A large selection of accessories enables you to extend your system according to your individual needs.

ROVION pipeline inspection system

The ROVION®- system has successfully completed tests out in the field. All components are fully compatible among each other thus allowing all kinds of inspections being performed.

ROVION - system overview

push camera system

The AGILIOS™- pan & tilt push camera system ensures utmost efficiency due to its self-explanatory handling, ergonomic design and a robust construction.

AGILIOS - system overview

lateral launch system

Due to its sophisticated design the ROVION lateral launch system offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for a reliable inspection of laterals.

Lateral launch system overview

Quick View - Zoom inspection camera

The Quickview zoom inspection camera system has a long range with high-precision focus and enables a quick look into pipelines, manholes or tanks.

Quick View


All iPEK pipeline inspection systems can be customized and upgraded individually to suit your specific inspection requirements.



XPECTION LITE is the quick and easy way to see what you are cleaning. This wireless HD video nozzle is affordable enough to install on every cleaning truck.