It is not an easy job to maneuver an inspection crawler through sewers, even without the added challenge of dirty and slippery conditions. Sewer pros  depend on well-constructed, easy-to-use equipment, as tinkering with bolts and loose screws is time-consuming and wastes energy. The ideal system should be easily adjustable.

This is where ROVION, the highly efficient sewer inspection platform known for its ease of use, comes into play. The system’s wheels are easily swapped with no tools required, making it convenient and quick to replace components. ROVION is a highly adaptive system, that can perform inspections in pipes 6" to 96" thanks to the 12 available wheel sizes and treads.

The following clients explain how their sewer inspection processes benefit from ROVION’s unique wheel design.

Reduce Your Daily Setup Times

Advanced Underground is a Michigan-based sewer service contractor known for advertising a wide variety of pipe repair services and utilizing professional, cutting-edge equipment. Advanced Underground works with some of the largest pipe lining contractors in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.

“I’ve used many different crawlers throughout my career,” notes project superintendent Aaron Esquibel. “The ROVION is very well-designed, and features like the quick-change wheels add to our efficiency when we’re out in the field.”

Esquibel has worked in the sewer industry for over 15 years. His experience has shown him the importance of high-quality equipment in his business. The system’s quick-change design makes it possible to replace wheels in seconds with no tools necessary. ROVION’s wheels save time so that sewer workers can focus more of their energies on the inspections themselves.

A New Way Forward

The sewer service professionals at Tele-Vac Environmental understand the importance of keeping up with the times.

“We stay on top by getting the sharpest tools in the toolbox,” says Tele-Vac president and CEO Joe McCauley. “Instead of staying stagnant and comfortable, we look to see if there are better products out there.” 

This is why McCauley decided to invest in a new lateral launch system by iPEK. The ROVION SAT II inspection system’s quick-change wheels were just one thing that convinced him that he’d made the right decision. He noted, “‘How many times have we lost the little bolt on the wheels for our older [lateral launch] system?’” 

Maximizing Time and Energy

ROVION works efficiently, making it possible to inspect more meters per day in pipes. This is why Jake Mason, the founder of Mason Private Locating Company (MPL), appreciates the ROVION system.

“With the quick-change wheels, if you need to change your setup, it's all toolless,” Mason explained.

When MPL expanded its customer base, the contractor came to rely more on the versatility of its equipment. The ROVION system is modular with a wide range of accessories; its wheels can be replaced quickly and easily using its QCD quick-release fasteners. This makes ROVION suitable for nearly every inspection situation.

“You just use your hands to pop them on and off instead of spending 15 minutes re-setting up your camera every time you need to make a change,” he explains. "That alone, the productivity of it, makes us a lot more efficient on job sites.”

ROVION’s quick-change wheel design combines flexibility and productivity, preparing you for the diverse challenges you'll face underground.

ROVION’s wheels increase flexibility and productivity.

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